CA Registration

We are excited to announce that Lilburn Day Camp will once again be in person this year!!

Click below to register!

Continued this year: $30 registration fee for CA’s.  Since we DO spend a good bit of money on our CA’s we decided it was reasonable to ask for a small registration fee to cover the shirt and patch with a little extra to go toward our CA budget.

  • Please email me if you have questions about the CA registration fee.

The Application Process:

  • On Friday December 1st at 8 PM, our Camp Aide Application went “live” for all CA’s.
  • The application should be completed by the Camp Aide NOT a parent!!!!!! (parents are welcome to “ride shotgun”, but please let your GIRL “drive”.) Certain questions need his/her honest opinion not what parents assume the CA’s opinion to be.
    • READ THE APPLICATION!  It includes important information about training and how assignments are made!
  • NOTE:  We DO NOT re-type any of the information received – names should be entered as they should appear on camp name tags, email addresses should be double checked for accuracy as we send emails to Camp Aides directly from their applications.
  • Once submitted, a confirmation email will automatically go to the email address used to log into Active.
  • We begin making placements once adults have been assigned to units. This is typically in late April.
  • Placements are announced by the All Staff Meeting which will be held April 21st (adults only).  We will send the assignment list to the Camp Aide’s email address provided during registration.

The adult incentive for Priority Placement policy remains in place.  CA’s are being asked to bring an adult volunteer (Staff) with them to camp and provide that name during registration.  You can still volunteer as a CA without bringing an adult with you.  We understand that a lot of our CA’s cannot bring an adult volunteer, and we do not want to exclude anyone.  Girls who will not have an adult volunteer need to register as soon as possible to ensure they are at the top of the list. 

  • Those CA’s who have an adult volunteering at camp will be assigned in the first round of placements (after graduating seniors).
  • The adult volunteer needs to be at least 18 years old and graduated high school in 2023 or prior.  It can be a parent, friend, relative, etc…
    • They do NOT have to currently be a registered Girl Scout member.  However Girl Scout registration will be required along with council approval for the background check prior to March 31, 2024.
    • Siblings who are CA’s can use the same adult volunteer.