Training & Expectations

Training Dates

  • CA Training Retreat (COMING SOON) – The CA Retreat is Back! This training is required for all new CA’s and those with only 1-2 years of experience. All CA’s are welcome to attend and we hope that many of our experienced CA’s will be willing to help lead the training!
    • The location is still pending but we hope to have Platform Tent units at Timber Ridge.
  • Onsite” Day May 20, 2021 4-5pm *REQUIRED* – This is when you meet your leader(s) and plan activities for the week of camp. 
  • While both training dates are required we understand that it is a very busy time of year for school, sports, and life! CA’s should email the CA Coordinators as soon as they are aware of a conflict preventing them from attending training.
  • CA’s arrive at 8:00am each day and leave at 4pm after our daily CA Wrap Up.
    • You need to sign in at the CA Table under the pavilion first, then begin helping setup camp. At the end of the day you will sign out before leaving.
      • On the first day of camp you will pickup your navy visor, name tag, SWAP, and pen when you sign in. Camp shirts will be given to you with your unit when the Photographers take your unit photo.
      • Each day there will be a new SWAP for you at the sign in table. Also be sure to watch for notices posted with updates or last minute information at the CA Table.
    • CA drop off and pickup will be done in the main parking lot next to the old City Hall and Police Station buildings. The area is still under construction so we will have a better idea of how this will work at Onsite.
    • Camper Carpool will be in the new parking lot next to the bathrooms and CA’s CANNOT be dropped off or picked up in that parking lot!
    • CA’s CANNOT be dropped off during the morning carpool or picked up during the afternoon carpool.  They have work to do before campers arrive and after they depart.
    • If a CA has a younger sibling, then the sibling can stay in the afternoon with the Staff Kids.  Then you can pickup up the camper and CA together.  However, the CA must be dropped off by 8:00 am and the camper has to wait until carpool starts before she can be dropped off.
    • If a CA has an afternoon appointment or must leave camp early, then he/she must communicate this to the CA Coordinators in advance to arrange for another CA to replace you in the unit. You cannot just leave camp without covering your assignment and signing out.
      • It’s best if you can avoid making appointments during the week of camp.
  • Upon arriving at camp CA’s are expected to pitch in to help Leaders/Staff to unload cars, carry materials, setup canopies, setup units, and help with carpool.  CA’s should NOT be sitting anywhere waiting for campers to arrive….everyone is working!
  • Cell phones are prohibited except in the CA tent, which is where CA’s go to enjoy a little downtime each day.  This is also the only place where you do not need to be actively engaged with girls.  When you are in the CA tent you are off duty.
  • CA’s need to bring a water bottle and lunch each day except for Thursday which is when we provide lunch for all CA’s!!