How Assignments are Made

How CA Assignments are Handled:

  • Early registration is the BEST way to get your assignment of choice!!
  • Graduating High School Seniors are given priority placement, as long as their application is received before March 31, 2024.
  • CA’s who have an adult volunteering with them at camp are placed next.  The adult volunteer MUST be 18 and graduated in 2023 or prior.  It can be a parent, friend, relative, etc…  The CA MUST enter the adult’s name during registration, and the Adult MUST be registered as a Staff Volunteer at Camp by March 31st.
    • The adult is also required to register with council as a Girl Scout Volunteer and add the Day Camp Role to their profile which will prompt a background check.
  • Applications are divided into “want to work in a girl unit” and “want to work in a camptivity” groups.  It is VERY important for CA’s to make this distinction clear during registration!!
  • Assignments are made in the order that they are received…with the first applications most likely to get first choice, etc.
  • We attempt to pair a “more experienced” (10th – 12th grade) Camp Aide with a “less experienced” (8th – 9th grade) Camp Aide in each camper unit.
  • In Camptivities, our goal is to maintain a balance of ages, as well as to maintain about 50% continuity from last year.  With 50% being NEW to the Camptivity.