How Assignments are Made

How CA assignments are made may vary 2021 due to COVID

Due to COVID our camper numbers will be lower than usual which means we won’t need as many CA’s as normal.  All CA’s will be placed on a wait list until we determine exactly how many we need.  We don’t want to accept too many CA’s and not have enough campers to justify the numbers. 

Depending on the number of CAs who want to be in a girl unit we may have to conduct interviews or something similar to decide who should go into those units.  Please be sure to check out the Camp COVID Measures.

How Placements are Assigned:

  • Graduating High School Seniors are given priority placement, as long as their application is received by April 25th.
  • CA’s who have an adult volunteering with them at camp are placed next.  The adult volunteer must be 18 and graduated 2020 or prior.  It can be a parent, friend, relative, etc…  The CA MUST enter the adult’s name during registration.
  • Applications are divided into “want to work in a girl unit” and “want to work in a camptivity” groups.  It is VERY important for CA’s to make this distinction clear during registration!!
    • This year the Camptivity option is titled “CA Camptivity Unit” due to COVID changes.
  • Assignments are made in the order that they are received…with the first application most likely to get first choice, etc.
  • We attempt to pair a “more experienced” (10th – 12th grade) Camp Aide with a “less experienced” (7th – 9th grade) Camp Aide in each unit.
    • This year, we can only have 1 CA in each girl unit as we are limited to 10 people per unit.
    • Depending on the number of CA’s who want to be in girl units we may have to conduct interviews to determine placement. More information about this will follow if it’s necessary.
  • In Camptivities, our goal is to maintain a balance of ages, as well as to maintain about 50% continuity from last year.  With 50% being NEW to the Camptivity.  If you have been assigned to the same camptivity for the last three years, you will most likely have a NEW assignment, so give particular thought when filling out your application.
    • This year COVID has changed the way our Camptivities will look. As of now, council is not allowing us to have CA’s in Camptivities, but we hope that may change closer to camp. Fill out your registration form as though it was a normal year so we if can place CA’s in Camptivities we will have the information needed to do that.
    • The CA Camptivity Unit is new this year and is our way of bringing more CA’s to camp! This unit will plan and develop activities for the Camptivities, create activity bins for girl units, and participate in camp activities. We hope to have daily skits or activities this unit does with the campers, and we need the CA’s input on how they would like that to work 🙂