Medical Forms

We have a nurse on staff that resides at the First Aid Station during the week of camp.

Medication to be dispensed at camp must be PROVIDED BY THE PARENT and indicated on the Medication Form. Prescriptions or over the counter medications may be turned in to nurse daily at carpool. If medication not usually taken is needed at camp (for example-antibiotics), you will need to come into camp and add this to the dispensing medication form, kept by the nurse stationed at the Pavilion. All medications must be in their original containers clearly marked with the camper’s name. Medications will be dispensed at the appropriate time noted. The only exception is for campers who have inhalers or a severe allergy (anaphylactic shock) to bee stings and must carry Epi Pens or Benadryl. These campers will keep their medications with them at all times and their unit leaders will be notified of their condition. Please note that there are special forms for Asthma medications and Epi Pens available below. (Parents can bring/send/email a copy of their kids asthma/epi plan if they have one for school. It doesn’t need to have MD signature )

Asthma Action Plan

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan

Medication Form