Secret Sister/Brother

Secret Sister/Brother – This is a tradition among the CA’s at camp where CA’s secretly give gifts to each other during the week of camp.  Then on Friday they reveal themselves to their SS/SB!  It is completely optional and CA’s sign up during registration.

  • CA’s participating in SS/SB MUST give at least 3 gifts to their SS/SB on three different days at camp.
  • Names are drawn at Onsite which gives you plenty of time to purchase gifts have them ready before camp starts!
  • Bring gifts and leave them on the CA table during check-in or soon after arriving at camp.  Make sure your SS/SB’s name and unit is on the gift!!
  • Floater CA’s will deliver the gifts for you except on Friday when you will deliver your last gift in person.
  • The TOTAL cost should be between $5-$10.  Shop at the dollar store and use materials you have at home. Use your imaginations and have fun with it!
  • You will receive a list of your SS/SB’s favorite things (part of the questions asked during registration) to help you with gift ideas.
  • Handmade items are good, but please make sure you also include purchased items.  Spending $5 should be manageable especially if you are able to purchase items in advance of camp.
  • The minimum requirement is three gifts but you are welcome to do something every day if you prefer.
  • Please note that once you sign up to participate in SS/SB you CANNOT change your mind, especially after Onsite  when names are given out.
  • In the past we had problems with CA’s not bringing the minimum 3 gifts or bringing them all on Thursday/Friday. DO NOT DO THIS!
    • We will be watching for this problem and there will be consequences for CA’s who do not follow the rules.
    • This is supposed to be a fun activity at camp, but it is definitely not fun for the CA who brings a gift each day for her SS but does not receive one in return.  It is definitely not fair for the CA who forgets to bring her gift every day to be enjoying items received from her own SS.
    • If you sign up to participate please treat your SS/SB like you want to be treated and don’t forget to bring your gifts!