What to Bring

Put your camper’s name on EVERYTHING that she brings to camp including scissors, bathing suits, creek clothes, socks, underclothes, shoes, shirts, water bottles, lunch boxes, towels, gym bags and sit-upons. Your camper is responsible for keeping up with her own gear. Lost and Found items not claimed by the end of camp may be donated to a charity.

What to Wear to CampWhat to Bring to CampNOT Allowed at Camp
  • Camp Hat (provided at camp on Monday) Some unit leaders may keep the girls hats at the end of each day.
  • Closed-toed athletic/tennis shoes with socks (no sandals or crocs)
  • Shorts—It will be hot out there T shirt—All campers and adults must wear shirts with sleeves. 
  • Rainwear, when it is raining. Poncho is the best choice. Be prepared. Send one EVERYDAY!
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent as necessary. (Please apply at home and not in carpool line or at unit.)
*Any camper not dressed properly including their camp hat, will call a parent to bring proper attire and stay under the pavilion until proper attire arrives.

  • Gym bag, backpack, tote bag or “hug-a-bucket” to carry gear (Please no plastic bags)
  • Sit-upon (stadium cushion, waterproof mat of some sort)
  • Sack lunch that will not spoil in the heat (no mayonnaise or perishable foods). 
  • Fork, spoon, plastic plate or mess kit
  • Hat (will be provided at camp on Monday) Please make sure they wear their hat EVERY day. —The hat is very important and identifies campers from regular park attendees so it MUST be worn each day. (Some unit leaders will keep the girls hats at the end of each day.)
  • Non-breakable reusable water bottle filled with water
  • Scissors for crafts (age appropriate)
  • No halter tops or sleeveless shirts (all shirts must have sleeves)
  • NO SLEEVELESS shirts of any kind are allowed for campers, adults or Camp Aides.
  • No perfume or hairspray (attracts insects)
  • No electronic devices (radios, CD players, IPods, Gameboys, etc.)
  • No cell phones for campers

Be prepared for your unit’s Creek Walk by bringing or wearing (depending on time of day for the walk) the proper clothes and shoes. Pack clothes for Water Days ahead of time and replace when they get wet! Your unit leader will communicate with you about which days your daughter will be doing these activities.

Creek Walk Water Days
Bring a small towel and a complete LABELED change of clothes including socks, shoes (closed toe-no water sandals), pants and bathing suit that are able to get wet and filthy. Each unit will participate in a creek hike during the week. Send a plastic bag to put wet clothes in to take home. Bring LABELED swim suit, t-shirt and old sneakers that can get wet in a plastic bag for carrying home.